School Choice

Helping parents make the best educational decisions for their children.


New Website to Help Parents Select Best School for their Child

This school data website provides parents and other community stakeholders access to up-to-date information where users can filter data on schools and create custom reports and graphs.


Achieve Hartford! Annual Report

All around us, we have opportunities to take the progress Hartford has achieved and reach new heights.


Mayoral Candidate Education Forum

We invite you to submit your education questions for the mayoral candidates in advance of our forum.  We will not take questions during the forum but will do our best to represent all ideas across the questions that are selected. 


Please submit them by Friday, August 21st to:


Our world is changing

What it means for students to be ready to succeed in college and career is also changing. That means our model of teaching and learning needs to change.

The best way we have found is through Student Centered and Blended Learning.

It's happening here in Hartford, but it needs to happen in more places for all students in our city.You can be a part of the movement to ensure that it does. Join us today!