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Budget Be Damned

Making the case for fighting for Hartford kids, we would like to suggest that when the consequential budget hearings unfold next week, a few questions ought to be not just on the table … but at its center.   The annual Hartford Public Schools budget development process runs a gauntlet of public hearings and debates…

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Yale Conference Shines a Light on the Ripple Effects of a Divided Society

At the 2017 Yale conference on educational leadership last week, parent empowerment, bitter partisanship, and cultural competence were amplified as roadblock issues.  We are mapping out a multi-part series of articles to illuminate each of these important considerations, which range from necessary improvements in classroom cultural competence to the closely-related realms of contracting, community building,…

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ALL-IN for Measurable Progress

“Action” and “Data” were the watchwords at a key meeting last week of Hartford education leaders who gathered to focus on repairing and improving the K-12-college-workforce pipeline.  The ALL IN! Coalition held its inaugural “Stakeholder Caucus” last week at Capital Community College, hosted by its backbone organization Achieve Hartford! and featuring active participation by both…

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The Facilities Clock Is Ticking

Public discussion – not to say outcry – has put the need to address Hartford’s under-enrolled and unsustainable schools on the front burner, but other, subtler challenges are simmering as well.  The District is currently applying for State funding that, at best, will help renovate and maintain a fraction of the facilities on a long-deferred…

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Why Weaver Matters

Weaver High is back in the spotlight next week, and the timing couldn’t be better. On Monday April 3rd, the District will host a community forum on Weaver High School construction, offering the latest opportunity for community residents and North End families to hear updates on construction plans for the new Weaver High.  Anchored by…

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Education Matters! Newsletter

Education Matters! is a bi-weekly e-newsletter of Achieve Hartford! providing insight, analysis and information to support school improvement in Hartford. We believe strong schools lead to a strong city.