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How Will Hartford Care for the Whole Child?

For too long, teachers have been told to simply do the best they can with what they have, untrained and under-resourced to address the sometimes serious mental, social and emotional health issues of their students.  Finally, education and health leaders have begun to come together to address trauma, violence, and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)…

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On Again, Off Again?

On Again, Off Again?   As if pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the District Tuesday unveiled a plan to put the renovation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. School back on the table, after the City could not come up with a 20 percent match on an earlier $68 million plan.  With a…

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Familiar Budget Pressures: Desperation … Instead of Innovation

Over the past decade of Hartford school financing, little change has occurred in the available resources. The District remains flat funded by the city, the availability of special funds has decreased over time, while costs have risen each year.  It’s a depressing situation, but it’s also the exact problem our public leaders have signed up to…

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Mismanagement on Display in Another Scandal

The unfolding choice lottery scandal, focusing on Hartford’s Capital Prep, and coming on the heels of the Office of Child Advocate report on child abuse and neglect in the Hartford schools, strikes another blow both to community trust and to the regional confidence (or lack thereof) in Hartford’s ability to manage itself.  Very bad timing…

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Hartford Promise Scholars for 2017: Demonstrating How to Get Ahead

For Hartford high school students, having no money and staring at the prospect of life-changing debt can mean not even attempting (much less going on to finish) college.  Many students consider just leaving when the pressures mount midstream.  The work of the Hartford Promise Scholars program is all about guaranteeing students with a 3.0 GPA and…

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