Education Matters

Saying Goodbye to a Giant

A former journalist who covered civil rights and school finance cases in the federal and state courts, Kent Ashworth was an incredible find for Achieve Hartford! back in 2010. In honoring his departure from Achieve Hartford!, we start by recognizing that we could not have become what we have without the incredible contributions of Kent…

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All In!—Transforming Hartford into a Talent Hub

woman standing in front of a row of people

Last October we launched the All In! Coalition, a partnership between several public and nonprofit organizations designed to address Hartford’s talent needs by increasing high school graduation, post-secondary enrollment, and post-secondary completion. Martin Estey, Executive Director of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education and a member of the All In! Steering Committee, has taken the…

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Weaver Alumni Want Future Students To “Bleed Green” Too

Many who have already visited the new website for the Weaver High School redesign come away with a sense of hope and optimism for the future of North Hartford. The redesign process for the new Weaver High School is back on track, and design specs for the building look impressive. But those who already…

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Five New Leaders With Longtime Service

The Hartford Board of Education Tuesday evening approved three new principals and two new administrators for key leadership posts in the District.  All have considerably deep experience; all have demonstrated deep commitments to Hartford schools.  What’s interesting is that each one is returning to her or his roots – to do the work at which…

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Can We Keep Our Children In School … And Out of Jail?

That question captivated some 200 attendees at the Artists’ Collective Tuesday, when Hartford Board of Education Member (and City Director of the Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation) Kim Oliver convened a discussion of the fabled cradle-to-prison pipeline.  Turns out, it’s no fable.  More Black and Brown boys (and girls) disproportionately go down this…

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