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Sixth-Grade Teacher Sonia Turner is Hartford’s Teacher of the Year

Sonia Turner from the Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School was honored last night as Hartford’s Teacher of the ...
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How Will Hartford Care for the Whole Child?

For too long, teachers have been told to simply do the best they can with what they have, ...
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On Again, Off Again?

On Again, Off Again?   As if pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the District Tuesday unveiled ...
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Familiar Budget Pressures: Desperation … Instead of Innovation

Over the past decade of Hartford school financing, little change has occurred in the available resources. The District remains ...
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Mismanagement on Display in Another Scandal

The unfolding choice lottery scandal, focusing on Hartford’s Capital Prep, and coming on the heels of the Office ...
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Hartford Promise Scholars for 2017: Demonstrating How to Get Ahead

For Hartford high school students, having no money and staring at the prospect of life-changing debt can mean ...
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