What we Do

Developing great schools require not only that the school system operate with excellence, but also our entire community. It takes a village to educate a child, and it is our job to help stakeholders play their unique set of roles for school improvement now, and long into the future.

We address three community needs.

Greater Accountability

Community Engagement

Problem solving

Credible information is needed to understand the challenges facing our schools. Monitoring progress helps ensure accountability for what matters most: student achievement.

To overcome the immense challenges facing urban education, stakeholder groups need to align resources towards very specific solutions. Communications and outreach must be delivered meaningfully and must move stakeholders to action.

Knowing there is a problem isn’t enough; it is critical that solutions be based on research that is specifically relevant to Hartford.

Our Approach

achieve hartford advocates for school children

We evaluate progress.

We track the performance of Hartford schools against the rest of the state and report on the impact of key reform strategies in Hartford, such as school governance councils, student-based budgeting, and school climate.

We hold the system accountable.

We publish data and information on student achievement, principal attrition, school spending, communications, college readiness, and other key indicators of a strong school system.

We create urgency.

Without bias or politicization, we create messaging, communications and events that encourage more stakeholders to get involved, including canvassing, rallies, Board of Education testimony, and letters to local newspapers.

We engage the community.

Through community conversations, workshops, social media, TV programming,neighborhood newspaper columns, our website, attending key events, our weekly e-publication, 1-on-1 meetings with stakeholders, and presentations in the community,we engage a diverse group of stakeholders.

We convene.

We lead and catalyze coalitions focused on solutions that significantly change practice and directly impact students.

We research solutions.

We commission independent research that explores critical questions within Hartford’s reform, such as how the school choice process works for families and why students aren’t
completing college on time.


Provide stakeholders with data on current and relevant education reform progress and school performance improvements.


Develop citywide awareness and make recommendations around vital issues in the advancement of student achievement.


Collect research and data to provide each stakeholder group with individualized, cutting edge, solution-oriented, information on relevant education reform topics.