October 27, 2017 Issue 02
Today, we take another look at the recently released SBAC scores for grades 3-8 and see how Hartford students are faring on what is a much more rigorous battery of tests than the CMT of years past. The results are sobering, and urgency is high. In addition, we take a look at who is running for the upcoming Hartford Board of Education election and also learn what one unique partnership in our city can teach us about thinking big. 

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The Board Hartford Needs Now
School board election season is fully upon us. The central question remains: what should voters be looking for in a strong Hartford board member?
By Derrick Everett
2016-17 SBAC: How did Hartford Students Perform?
Download the 2nd mini report containing school and district comparisons. The data presented in this report is the most recent SBAC performance data for students in the Hartford Public Schools.
By Chris Marcelli with Paul Holzer
Tapping Our Assets, Thinking Big
By Achieve Hartford!
There are many partnerships worth highlighting in Hartford. Here is one in particular we think you should know about. A 10-year partnership between the University of Hartford and the Montessori Training Center Northeast (run by CREC) focused on fulfilling the shared goal of educating more teachers in the Montessori method just earned a nearly $5 million grant.

The Walton Family Foundation’s James Walton Fund awarded a $4.8 million grant to the partnership to establish the nation’s first undergraduate Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori education concentration at the University of Hartford and to conduct five years of research about the Montessori educator preparation. Starting this fall, students began entering the program to earn the internationally recognized AMI diploma through this unique bachelor’s degree. Enrolled students will be able to do their student teaching at area Montessori schools.
Jet Cockpits and The End of Average
Published Oct 10, 2017
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