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Paul Diego Holzer Joins Comcast Newsmakers

By Nyesha McCauley | May 9, 2016

Achieve Hartford provides education advocacy rooted in the belief that strong schools leads to a strong future. Executive Director, Paul Holzer, joins Newsmakers to discuss how critical shared responsibly is when it comes to educating our children.  

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Urban Students Provide Quality Talent Pipeline

By Nyesha McCauley | Nov 30, 2015

For the average small and large businesses located in Greater Hartford, the notion that their future workforce will come from graduates of urban high schools is often more of a hypothetical scenario than a reality. But what if a business had a partner agency that worked with urban youth … Read the whole story.

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Achieve Hartford Featured in Hartford Business Journal

By Nyesha McCauley | Apr 27, 2015

Finding top talent is a challenge. Retaining top talent is the challenge that comes after that. It is one of the toughest facing the public and private sectors right now, extending from government to nonprofits, and equally applicable to any Fortune 500 company. Read article.

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Report Encourages Hartford To Offer More Support To Principals

By Nyesha McCauley | Apr 1, 2015

After noticing a spate of principal vacancies, Achieve Hartford! reviewed school system data and found that about 16 percent of city principals left between 2012 and 2014, including five people who became central office administrators elsewhere. That’s better than the national turnover rate for principals, a quarter of whom leave their jobs each year, according…

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Hartford Families Need Some Sheff Course Corrections

By Nyesha McCauley | Jan 2, 2015

Paul Diego Holzer Connecticut is not alone in having so many dramatically different communities abutting each other, just a few minutes and miles separating them into their small towns, suburbs and densely populated cities. Throughout U.S. metro areas, thin lines on the map reflect a wide, national divide.  Fortunate students who attend the highest-performing schools…

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Education and Desegregation

By Nyesha McCauley | Dec 26, 2014

Wherever you look lately (tragic killings of and by police), hatred seems to haunt our country. It doesn’t make sense, relatively speaking. The givens are that every U.S. metro area is segregated and that Connecticut has the largest educational achievement gap in the country (between white/affluent and minority/poor children). Most important, we are actually working…

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