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Now This Is Your Chance to Change the World

We know what people like you are looking for today. You've heard enough about the world's problems and are ready to do something. You want a partner. Someone who will join forces with you so great things can be done. We share your passion for compassion and speaking out for the voiceless. We know that, together, we can make a difference.

"I can do things you cannot do. You can do things I cannot do. Together we can do great things." —Mother Theresa

High Expectations

Best Practices

Early College

Making the Case for All Students to Be College-Ready

College Readiness and Students of Color

Challenges to Making All Students College-Ready

Effective Teachers

NCTQ's Take on Hartford's Human Capital and More

Studies on Teacher Effectiveness

Addressing the Challenges

Teacher Feedback

Teacher Pay & Tenure

Closing the Gap

Innovations and Best Practices


School Reform and Education Performance Studies

Reducing Dropout Rates in America

Graduation Policies by State

Subgroup Reports

Fiscal Impact of Mis-education

CT Specific Reports

Graduation Statistics and Dropout Rates

Charter Schools