We’re specifically looking for those leaders throughout Hartford and the region who understand the challenges our capital city faces and think there’s gotta be something I can do to really make a difference.

Paul Holzer and Achieve Hartford have done an amazing job of pulling together diverse community groups to focus on a common goal. I represent Hartford Public Library as a member of the All IN! Coalition. The Post-Secondary Prep Network met on a consistent weekly basis throughout the summer in order to brainstorm strategies and implement initiatives to provide support to graduates of the Hartford Public Schools Class of 2021 who were transitioning to college or careers. We were able to share resources. Each week, our group expanded to include more partners. I met service providers I had not met before and learned about their programs. I was able to make new connections that benefitted my students.


Paul is an excellent facilitator who is very inclusive and allows discussion and dialogue while at the same time moving the group forward and keeping our ‘eyes on the prize’—success for Hartford students.

Michele Maccarone Brophy, M.A.
Instructional Specialist, Hartford Public Library
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