The Problem

While there’s no shortage of education programs and effort, there’s a shortage of a return. We think that’s because more than a resource problem, Hartford has a coordination and ownership problem.

Our Assets

While conditions in the public sector are tough, Hartford’s diverse private sector maintains an incredible asset – smart and committed leaders from corporate, nonprofit, higher ed, and philanthropy, waiting to be tapped. Unlocking our potential, as the private sector, is the real opportunity.

Our Approach

Embracing a dual approach, Achieve Hartford coordinates private-sector resources and expertise to identify and address unmet needs. We run programs to provide support where it’s needed, supplementing other services offered in the city.

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Theory of Change

If we – AH staff, board members and partners – activate the region’s many corporate, nonprofit, philanthropic and higher ed leaders to take shared ownership of solving Hartford’s education problems, and if we support high-functioning teams and high-impact interventions, over time we can bridge the opportunity gap and close the achievement gap – and in the process, building a large base of committed, cross-sector leaders.

During the year of our transition, we activated over 30 private-sector leaders to drive our two coalitions. By the end of fiscal year 2020, we added an additional 25 private-sector leaders from throughout corporate, higher ed, nonprofit and philanthropyand in the process, put 350 students on track for college and career readiness.

Just hearing from someone checking in to make sure I’m OK really helps. Stefan emailed me saying, ‘Your mental health is important too.’ He kept giving me information that he thought that I may need to help me along the way… He told me he doesn’t like having to take courses all online. That put me at ease; I’m not the only person struggling with the material. He’s ahead of me [in college.] He has more experience than I do. It’s good to know there are people who are the same age as I am who are here to help new college students.

Mentee Saraya T.
first-year community college student
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