AH Programmatic Scope:
Fixing Two Sections of the Talent Pipeline

Our Initiatives

Work-Based Learning Network, Post-Secondary Support Network, Summer Transition Program, and College Persistence Program

To learn about each member’s post-secondary prep program, read this PowerPoint.

Steering Committee and Funder Advisory Committee

AH is committed to moving the needle in the areas of high school graduation and post-secondary matriculation and completion rates. We launched the ALL IN! Coalition in 2016 with the support of two professional networks – one on the college access side and another on the workforce development side. We launched action teams that became programs to address gaps in programming to serve first generation students at the points where they’re most vulnerable. We lead shared ownership among industry and higher education professionals for the success of first-generation Greater Hartford students.

High School Student Support

Rethinking High School
and Supports


Health & Wellness

9th Grade Summer Institute

AH is committed to addressing the high needs of neighborhood high school students and schools through teams of private sector professionals determined to secure additional supports via reallocation of philanthropic and nonprofit resources and via the investment of time and expertise across all sectors.

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