Capital Workforce Partners’ programs for in-school and out-of-school “opportunity” youth help hone and focus young people in areas where they have the greatest chance to succeed in a career – and where their skills will be in high demand.  This is why their June 16th Workforce Stars celebration breakfast event is so important.

The work supports and is aligned with Mayor Luke Bronin’s youth employment initiatives in addition to providing opportunities throughout North Central Connecticut to those most in need. On June 16th, a young man who will be graduating from Pathways to Technology High School will receive the youth workforce star award for following his passion to build things and for his successful manufacturing internship.

At the June 16th CWP Workforce Stars event, honorees June 16th will represent three domains:

  • Businesses that recognize the importance of helping employees grow;
  • Adults who have benefited from services and thereby changed their lives and families; and
  • Youth, whose internship experiences have helped them blaze desired career paths.

The event will be held from 8 to10 a.m. at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. Tickets can be purchased online here.
“’Changing lives, one at a time’, is our motto, and we live by it,” CWP President Tom Phillips said this week.  “Working with many tremendous community partners, we can have collective and systemic impact on families in Hartford, and the entire region benefits.”

This year’s award winners to be announced June 16th are stellar, with great stories, including two student interns their firms have immediately hired.
Spoiler Alert!

From his NPR and New York Times coverage – to his co-consultancy on one of the great movie chronicles of the Great Recession back story – “The Big Short” – Economics Reporter Adam Davidson has examined U.S. and global economies from many angles, including the growing future for free lancers.  His writings speak for themselves; his keynote June 16th should not be missed.

The Monday, June 13th Ray Dunaway show at 8:20 a.m. on 1080-AM radio will feature Adam Davidson.