Inspiration arrives in many forms – and on Wednesday, May 4th, it came with some 300 attendees who filled four zones across the XL center expo space with descriptions of their inventions, demonstrations of their physical and wellness skills, and exciting arts and STEM activities.  More than that, Hartford school advocates networked far into the night!

The zones showcased creativity in the arts with Hartford Performs; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) demonstrations with the CT Pre-Engineering Program (CPEP); explanations of business ventures by young entrepreneurs with the Pathways Academy of Technology and Design; and health and wellness exhibitions (including some harrowing climbing activities) with CREC, 2-4-1 Sports, Growing Great Schools, and the UConn Neag School of Education.

CEO Stephen Farrell of Presenting Sponsor United Healthcare introduced the program and Ben & Jerry’s Co-founder Jerry Greenfield keynoted it with a statement about how social responsibility can – and should – be at the heart of every business.

Achieve Hartford! is gratified by the extensive Inspire Hartford participation May 4th.  Without knowing exactly what would happen, we invented a new kind of community fair to celebrate the remarkable work of educators and the resulting achievements by their students.  It was a first for us – and we are already hearing that it should not be the last!