What could be more important than preparing our kids and parents for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) innovations, unless it is building their creativity and health and wellness?  STEM is the most common buzzword; but entrepreneurship and fitness – and so many other Hartford school activities – are the future.  We hope you will join us to experience all on May 4th at the XL Center.

Presented by UnitedHealthcare – and infused with the work of Hartford Performs, CREC, and UConn Husky Sport – the Inspire Hartford event at the XL Center May 4th will offer a unique opportunity for parents, children, and their advocates to see what 21st century learning is about.

Inspire Hartford will be held on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at the XL Center in downtown Hartford. An exclusive VIP reception begins at 5:30 p.m.; the main event runs from 6 to 8 p.m with food, drink, networking and free ice cream.  To purchase tickets visit: www.inspirehartford.com

The event features four thematic, interactive zones, each demonstrating a different aspect of education innovation:

STEM Zone with Connecticut Pre-engineering Program (CPEP) 

You will experience the future as students wow and amaze you with Rube Goldberg Machines, Wind Turbines, one of a kind 3D printed items and so much more.

Future Entrepreneurs Zone with Pathways Academy of Technology and Design: Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship education prepares students to carry out the entrepreneurial process and experience the entrepreneurial spirit. Developing an innovative idea and writing a business plan are only the first steps of a successful business.  Hear students pitch their business ideas in our Shark Tank.

Creativity Zone with Hartford Performs

Find out what happens when a highly skilled teaching artist transforms a classroom lesson about math or reading into a creative and interactive artistic experience. Hartford Performs will demonstrate how the arts make learning more memorable, meaningful, personal and even joyful for students. You might even have a chance to exercise your own inner artist.

Health and Wellness Zone with Capital Region Education Council (CREC)

Do you like an adrenaline rush? Get inspired to literally watch your heart rate increase through virtual, adventure experiences and creative fitness games! It’s good for your body and good for your brain! The latest research shows that the combination of physical and mental challenges improves brain function, helping you to learn and remember better. Students in CREC’s secondary physical education classes engage in a variety of climbing and cardiovascular activities for body and brain health. Come get your heart rate in check!

2-4-1 Sports * Growing Great Schools * Husky Sport

Working in partnership with national physical literacy experts at 2-4- 1 Sports, along with UCONN Husky Sport, & the UCONN Department of Kinesiology, we have created the PLUSS Club™.  This zone will highlight the benefits of our PLUSS Club programming with live BrainErgizers™ and cooking demonstrations with Growing Great Schools Chef Educators.

Celebrity guest Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and president of the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, will discuss the intersection of social enterprise, education and the community.  An entrepreneur by circumstance, Mr. Greenfield and his friend Ben Cohen founded Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and then became pioneers in corporate social responsibility, one of the most talked-about, unconventional success stories in American business.